Service Dogs and “B**bies!”

BEFORE you read my headline, it’s really not mine but the brilliant writer of the Blog “The Girl Upstairs.”  I wanted to share her brilliant thoughts to those of you who have never had nor have been around service dogs nor have helped your children understand what the do’s and don’t’s are when they are around these amazing animals.

This comes after my escapade in Sam’s (which seems to have the most amazing people (although Wal-Mart comes first) shopping in the morning) in which a gentleman walked up to me and said, “What a beautiful guard dog….” HUH!?

With that said… read on PLEASE!

Service Dogs and Boobs- A Complete Guide.


Hero Dog of the Year We Need Your Vote!

I recently was viewing videos, the kind that Ma watches that touches her heart, and I came across the story of Axel, a dog that was just hours away from being “put down” and the K9’s for Warrior’s rushed in and not only saved Axel’s life, but saved the life of a wounded warrior that has found a new life away from his PTSD and injuries he received in combat.

At this time,Captain Jason Haag, is asking for the vote for Hero Dog of the year be placed for Axel on May 25, 2015 and we are hoping you will join Ma and I by placing our “YEAH!” vote for Axels’ award as a Hero.

Please see more of this story here.

Vote HERE on May 25! 

Vote May 25th!

Vote May 25th!