How NOT to greet a dog

Great video that I found that teaches others how to approach a strange dog.  Pass this along to the children of the home too!


Rumbling Bullies

On my last trip to see my buddy Ethal, I had time to pull a little rope.  It seems we got a little loud in our need to have ROPE!

In Rememberance of the K9 Soldier’s Who Give All

This video sure hit Ma pretty strongly.  Knowing that she has been around K9’s all her life. Between family members training for police, cadaver, drug and explosives as well as working dogs on a farm, they have always played an intricate part of her life.  But one thing we sometimes forget, is the intricate part of law enforcement, and now the war oversea’s about how these dogs give it all to be a part of their human’s well being and for the freedom that we have here.  Memorial day is about remembering, so please remember the K9’s that do give it all….

Here is a very well done clip from 60 minutes that is extremely informative, as well as amazing to watch what these dogs are capable of doing:


I never experienced the horror that this little dog Lilly ever did, nor her pups, nor the others of hundreds of other dogs who find their living conditions in such a sorry state.  As a dog, I am thankful that my Ma has never supported, nor will she ever condone the those that are so-called breeders or hoarders who place dogs in chains. Please do your research, and make sure you know where your dogs come from. QUIT BUYING DOGS FROM SO-CALLED PUPPY STORES and report the conditions to the correct officials.  I have heard Ma speak of several, including a woman who lit her own ‘puppy store’ with many pups still in their crates and cages to collect “insurance money.” I don’t know what this money is, but it sure seems to be the love of most people… my question to them is, “Does money love them back?  Does it last and love conditionally?”

Please watch this video below, and see just exactly what puppy mills and those who support them do to my fellow K9’s”

Rubber Chicken

Auntie T loves her dogs as much as Ma loves hers and she never came to visit without a toy or treat of some sort in hand for my beloved brother Sampson.  One of the toys though, was a Rubber Chicken, literally made out of rubber, with a squeaky in it that sounded unlike any of the toys I have ever heard. Sam, wanted nothing to do with it. I believe it was possibly the smell of the rubber, perhaps even the texture and taste of the rubber as he refused to put this toy in his mouth and play with it from the stories and the talk between Ma and Pa.  Why Ma held on to it, is beyond me but she gave it to me a few weeks ago,  and my reaction… was pretty much the same….until

Something clicked, and now, this Rubber Chicken is my favorite toy EVER!  I am not sure why Ma laughs so hard at me though when I play with it, all I am doing is talking to it when it talks to me…

Katana’s Amazing New Toy

My grandpa is such a cool guy!  Ma had decided that it was too expensive here in the city to purchase the antler horn that smells oooh so delicious cause it was too expensive so Grandpa found some for me up in the mountain’s where he lives.  He sent it to me as a surprise and OH BOY do I love it!


Please… please… please…

I could not watch this with Ma with a dry eye. I dare you to. Ma could not stomach what she saw…. Please rescue your next fur-ever friend. Spay, and neuter, please… Overpopulation… Is killing us all.

PS: I would normally not post this, but today was one of those days that I just felt I needed to do my part in making people open their eyes.

Cabin Fever…

I am getting to the point where Thursday isn’t coming quick enough!  I am dreading the “vet” visit, but at the same time, it will give me the ability to go to the doggy park and run and run and run and … well you get the idea..

Meanwhile, thought I would share one of my favorite animators who focuses clearly on the feline life, but truly has it down pat..

Dogs 101: Mastiff Breeds

My Ma and I had a chance to sit down and watch a great show on the Animal Planet channel which I love.  I enjoy watching with her and truly love seeing some of the videos of some of my cousins in the Molosser dog group.  The Molasser groups include all the Mastiffs from Neopolitans my cousin breed, to the St Bernard as well as the Newfoundland.

Molasser, according to Wikipedia, is named of this type of breed that is deprived from the word “Molassia” an area in the Greek in which the Mollasus was used as a working herding dog. This dog breed is known for their heavy bone structure, pendant ears and short muzzle with a very muscular back and hind legs that give them a great deal of power in times of protecting herds and family from large predators.

Unfortunately, after doing some hunting, Dogs 101 hasn’t done a special on Cane Corso’s but here is the few videos that I have found on 3 of the Mastiff Breeds: Dogo Argentino, Tibetan, and Bull Mastiff.  I hope they continue to do a few more, including the Dogue De Bordeaux, the Neopoltian, the English Mastiff, Presa Canario and of course Cane Corso.

Enjoy the videos as they are very educating and give you a great deal of information on these Gentle Giants.