Appeal to Grandpa….MORE ANTLER!!!

Grandpa… it seems that Ma thinks I have worn down my gift of antler horn far too much … Can you PLEASE find me another one? I will lick you forevers!

This was my antler horn on 5/25/2015


And this was my antler horn on 6/5/2015


Notice anything different?

Thank you grandpa!


Rubber Chicken

Auntie T loves her dogs as much as Ma loves hers and she never came to visit without a toy or treat of some sort in hand for my beloved brother Sampson.  One of the toys though, was a Rubber Chicken, literally made out of rubber, with a squeaky in it that sounded unlike any of the toys I have ever heard. Sam, wanted nothing to do with it. I believe it was possibly the smell of the rubber, perhaps even the texture and taste of the rubber as he refused to put this toy in his mouth and play with it from the stories and the talk between Ma and Pa.  Why Ma held on to it, is beyond me but she gave it to me a few weeks ago,  and my reaction… was pretty much the same….until

Something clicked, and now, this Rubber Chicken is my favorite toy EVER!  I am not sure why Ma laughs so hard at me though when I play with it, all I am doing is talking to it when it talks to me…

Katana and her Dog Puzzle

When Katana joined our household, she came with a ton of treats, as well as a few toys, one of which we didn’t use until recently as she didn’t seem to interested in it.  After a few weeks, I filled the treat ‘buckets’ of this item and set it down, only to watch this tenacious little girl tear into it. I have gradually increased the tension on the top screwed piece only to watch her defeat it repeatedly.  I thought I might share this and give new puppy owners an idea and the link to the toy as this is not only an extremely safe toy for puppy’s but it gives them a wide range of stimulation to curb their puppy curiousity and keep them out of trouble.

This particular item is from and is one of their “Dog Games.” Extremely affordable and gives a wide range of difficulties. I hope to get my hands on more of their items to test them out with Katana, but until now, here is the video of Katana and her puzzle.