Required Reading: Service Dogs and Psychiatric Institutions

Recently Anything Pawsible a blog I follow diligently has recently released an Extensive article about Service Dog teams and the use of them in psychiatric institutions, inpatient, outpatient as well as those who work as Administration individuals.

I have to say that if anyone has, or even is considering a service dog this is REQUIRED READING and I give Kudos’ to the writers and staff of the Anything Pawsible blog and it’s an extensive amount of information for those who work as, and train Service Dogs.

Here is this article, and I suggest you read it several times and keep it handy just in case your family ever needs to work with you and your K9 in your hospitalization etc.

Psychiatric Hospitalizations and Service Dogs

Inpatient psychiatric hospitalizations can be frightening and stressful. For Service Dog teams, inpatient admissions are often more of a struggle. The complications of having dogs on a locked unit focused solely on safety and security are innumerable. However, they’re far from insurmountable! Admission with your Service Dog for inpatient psychiatric treatment can be made easier. It just takes a little planning, organization, and forethought. Read More…


Anything Pawsable

It has been awhile since Ma has been able to write. She was recently gone for over a week, in a place called a “Hospital” where she had “surgery”…. only to end up coming up to find Pa being whisked away and having emergency surgery as well.  She has been laid up for awhile now and was told not to work with me, but she has been also unable to train much due to the horrid weather conditions and cold that have kept us in the house and me curled up on my bed with my fuzzy blankets keeping warm.

This also means that she has been able to do more work towards her certifications and learning and has received a new certificate as well as been reading a lot.  She found a wonderful blog/website that is called “Anything Pawsable” that is geared towards service dogs, their trainers, and their handlers giving a TON of good information, changes in laws, and resources for those of us that are being trained to be service as well as those who are looking to be service dog handlers.  Look for the logo before and or visit our website at


The most informative of articles has been the recent “5 Common Service Dog Myths” that I wish Ma could memorize.  As much as we are ‘stopped’ and asked questions of, the more we begin to sound like a broken record player.  The stories, some of which are hysterical due to the uninformed public naivety, are too numerous to mention so the idea that this site gives you a ton of information in laymen’s terms is a great place to learn more.  They even have a subscribe ability so you never miss a post.  Their writers are precise, informative, and are on the ball on updates across the country and even some oversea’s.  I do believe that even Ma continue’s to learn more about the industry herself and is always excited about being able to give that information to those who ask.

Hope you enjoy their hard work as much as Ma and I do!

IMPORTANT State Assistance Animal Laws

Ma was reading an article on a K9 that was twice asked to leave the same facility with several local restaurants.  In this article, this table was shared and I felt it was CRUCIAL to give this link out identifying in which state needed what items completed and how certain events were and should be treated. (For the story, read HERE.)

Please visit this link to find out about your state and be armed with information to help those who may not know or those who need that extra hero to help them when you see them being objectified due to their Service Dog: