Is the Cane Corso the Dog for You?

I came across this article and read it several times and as an owner and trainer of one now, I found Ma nodding her head repeatedly as she continued to agree with a great deal of this article. Written back over 10 years ago by a woman in the UK, this article has hit many key points that are STILL valid in today’s CC and after being stopped by many in stores, on the street and even in restaurants about the breed of dog I am, I know Ma wishes she could have this article with her to hand out to those who say, “Oh I have always wanted one of those!” or “Never heard of them, I would love to have one.”

Take a look and research ANY dog that you wish to adopt, and remember that these dogs take constant work, reassurance, and a stern hand as Alpha to make a well-mannered dog.  Despite what some trainers say, ‘that there is no such thing as an Alpha in the domesticated dog family’ truly has never worked with a CC or other molossus descendant dogs have never realized that not only is training important but so is discipline.  These dogs do tend to take over the house when it comes to their rank if allowed, and you will either be spending a great deal of time alone (because your K9 cannot behave) or fishing more odd objects out of their belly once they have decided that the entire house is filled with chew toy objects just for their pleasure.

Read this before making a move to own a Cane Corso, Italian Mastiff:

Enjoy and remember to continue to support your local rescues, and watch for the new “Dog Blog” website coming soon to help pair you with your K9 needs!


Pilots N Paws

I often hear Ma talk about her time in the air with her Grandfather. He had been teaching her how to fly an “airplane” (whatever that is) and then listened to this video with her where I had to say that the somber mood of the house it definitely lifted it with a smile on her face…

Please, if you feel the desire to donate to this cause, please do. They so so much good for the pups that don’t have ‘furever’ homes…

Contact info here:


I never experienced the horror that this little dog Lilly ever did, nor her pups, nor the others of hundreds of other dogs who find their living conditions in such a sorry state.  As a dog, I am thankful that my Ma has never supported, nor will she ever condone the those that are so-called breeders or hoarders who place dogs in chains. Please do your research, and make sure you know where your dogs come from. QUIT BUYING DOGS FROM SO-CALLED PUPPY STORES and report the conditions to the correct officials.  I have heard Ma speak of several, including a woman who lit her own ‘puppy store’ with many pups still in their crates and cages to collect “insurance money.” I don’t know what this money is, but it sure seems to be the love of most people… my question to them is, “Does money love them back?  Does it last and love conditionally?”

Please watch this video below, and see just exactly what puppy mills and those who support them do to my fellow K9’s”

Bring Kaly Home to Canada (from India!)

Recently Ma ran across this amazing story that not only caught her eye because a hooman was doing so much for a fur-baby like me, but it also caught her eye cause of the pretty hooman’s designs on her hand… but I will get to that later.

This puppy was so sick when Jade, her new momma, found her in the pouring rain in the middle of India, and immediately fell in love with her.  Now, she is making a HUGE effort to bring this little pup home to her to Canada and to do so, not only does she have to clear medical exam’s but also she has to pay for all her boarding and tickets to come home.

I highly recommend that you do what you can to forward this story about the hoomin and her new fur-baby and tell me that just a 5 dollar donation won’t help them be re-united soon!  And even better, her momma has offered to donate whatever money is left over, is donated to the rescue shelter in India that has helped her in her efforts.

See her go fund me page at:

Even has boosted her exposure to the world and you can see her story here:

Here is a sweet video of my sista from anotha motha… all the way in Goa India!

Pet Pro Violations in Henderson, Nevada

It seems that we still have people out there who truly think that animals are a way of making a quick buck.  I have never been one to purchase an animal (until just recently when Katana came into my life), and I got her because I knew she came from a reputable breeder and I knew she was perfect for the purpose we are working for.

Meanwhile, puppy mill’s are continued to be supported by those who ‘SAY’ they are ethical business entrepreneurs and even worse, Animal lovers.  In this case, the “Pet Pro” has been under scrutiny for years, it seems with the first violation dating back to January of this year where a beloved pup, who was obviously sick and in the general population with the other dogs of the facility. It seems that after that, the snowball effect came down around Pet Pro’s stores and the violations continue to rack up against them.

Henderson Animal Control has racked up over 19 violations against Pet Pro’s and since then, the facility has been shut down.  Unfortunately, following this story is a bit difficult for the local News is only releasing tidbits of information, but here are the write ups I have found regarding the conditions of the store, the animals and the cages of said animals.

Now that Pet Pro’s has been shut down, the dilemma is the thought that the puppies that are left behind… What to do with them!?

The so-called pedigree’s of the puppies that Pet Pro’s has been harboring in their filthy cages, came from even worse conditions in other states where “puppy mills” are a problem area that has not been addressed as of late.

Contact 13 has given this tidbit of information as well:

This iS NOT the first time the Clark County has obviously struggled with hoarders, bad care from so-called professional stores.  Stories have flooded the Animal Control facilities all over Clark County such as last year around this time, a woman conspired to burn down her own pet store for the insurance money leaving 27 puppies inside to be burned alive with it.  And she wonders why she was confronted by animal rights activists out front of the court house when she was pulled into an answer for her crime.  At the time she was facing 31 criminal charges, including first-degree arson, conspiracy, burglary and attempted animal cruelty to animals and her conspirator is also still being hunted down.

I do believe that we as animal lovers do need to take an active stance and make sure that we assist those who are short handed and or unable to see things we do by reporting the violations to the local authorities and keep checking back!  Take photos, video, and even recorded conversations so that these violations and health of these beloved animals is taken care of.  Stand together for the rights of ALL animals, and stand strong!  We give a voice to those animals that don’t have one and it is our responsibility as humans to do so.

Pilots for Paws

Not many are aware of the lengths in which some of us k9 lovers (read animal) will do for our furry kids, and even our beloved foster children, but as a child of a Pilot and a girl who flew much of my childhood with a dog, I have to appreciate all that these guys do for those dogs (and cats).

Pilots N Paws Pet Rescue is a nonprofit 501 c3 organization which pilots from all over the country side fly their furry co-pilots to their furr-ever home. They are always looking for additional Pilots who will volunteer their time, their planes and their wallet for expenses to get rescued K9’s to new families and healthier environments for dogs in need.  They even transport dogs that have been misplaced or lost during Mother Nature’s unexpected temper tantrums like Hurricane Katrina.

Their website is set up so not only Pilots can volunteer, but for others who wish to hopefully use their services.  If you visit their home page it is very to navigate and even read many stories about success’s and new furr-ever homes for some of the canines that have been flown home from their services.

I also picked up this banner for businesses interested in advertising to help sponsor their endeavors and exposing your business as well.  Click the banner below and see the information in link on how to obtain your banner space and support a great cause.


If I was able to fly today and my grandfather and I had a purpose together, I am sure he would have supported this. He was a great animal lover and held only a few K9’s very special in his heart.  He even flew with his “Old Yeller” for years back and forth to his work in LA, as well to Colorado and beyond.  Those are special times, and dog’s seem to truly enjoy the flight more than you realize.  Please make sure that before flying though, that you check with your vetrinarian and make sure your pup is healthy enough to fly.

Good job Pilots N Paws!  Keep up the good work for the love our dogs.