Memorial Day and MDW

After spending a weekend watching those of us who have family members who either were or are spending time serving our country it seems only fair to concentrate on the four-legged service members and their handlers.  I recently found an amazing article and film that spends a great deal of time educating us “civilians” about what they endure for training and daily life and even retirement.  Please take the time to learn and watch and support our military fuzzy four-legged service men/women that keep our soldiers safe even at the sake of their own.

What it’s really like to be a dog handler in the US military


I also must mention, that even though it is significantly smaller, there is an amazing memorial erected in Memorium to those K9’s that died in the line of duty located at Lackland Air Force Base located in San Antonio, Texas.  This brainchild of the human-half of a team that dates back to Vietnam has completed a few years ago but is definitely a true hit to the heart for all people who have had a working K9 or just a family pet that has held a special place in the family bloodline.

Read more here: U.S Military Working Dog Teams National Monument 


IMPORTANT State Assistance Animal Laws

Ma was reading an article on a K9 that was twice asked to leave the same facility with several local restaurants.  In this article, this table was shared and I felt it was CRUCIAL to give this link out identifying in which state needed what items completed and how certain events were and should be treated. (For the story, read HERE.)

Please visit this link to find out about your state and be armed with information to help those who may not know or those who need that extra hero to help them when you see them being objectified due to their Service Dog:

Care Packages to K9 Military Units

I recently saw this article regarding the idea of sending care packages to those K9s that serve faithfully next to their human partners.  We always wonder and consider the stress that is placed on our human servicemen and women, but what about those four-legged ones that continuously work, tirelessly and without complaint?

Read this and tell me you don’t feel the urge to do your part to make their lives just a little bit easier….. I know Ma is considering it, and I hope you do too!

In Rememberance of the K9 Soldier’s Who Give All

This video sure hit Ma pretty strongly.  Knowing that she has been around K9’s all her life. Between family members training for police, cadaver, drug and explosives as well as working dogs on a farm, they have always played an intricate part of her life.  But one thing we sometimes forget, is the intricate part of law enforcement, and now the war oversea’s about how these dogs give it all to be a part of their human’s well being and for the freedom that we have here.  Memorial day is about remembering, so please remember the K9’s that do give it all….

Here is a very well done clip from 60 minutes that is extremely informative, as well as amazing to watch what these dogs are capable of doing:

Hero Dog of the Year We Need Your Vote!

I recently was viewing videos, the kind that Ma watches that touches her heart, and I came across the story of Axel, a dog that was just hours away from being “put down” and the K9’s for Warrior’s rushed in and not only saved Axel’s life, but saved the life of a wounded warrior that has found a new life away from his PTSD and injuries he received in combat.

At this time,Captain Jason Haag, is asking for the vote for Hero Dog of the year be placed for Axel on May 25, 2015 and we are hoping you will join Ma and I by placing our “YEAH!” vote for Axels’ award as a Hero.

Please see more of this story here.

Vote HERE on May 25! 

Vote May 25th!

Vote May 25th!