Katana the Cane Corso

About Dog and Ma

‘Dog’ is Katana, a beautiful champion line Cane Corso Mastiff who joined my home shortly after my beloved Sampson left us after cancer over took his system. On December 12th, 2014, we had to say goodbye to our beloved Bull Mastiff and I, ‘Ma’, knew that I would never be the same until I had another canine of the Mastiff breed in my home again. After just under two months, Katana, a 3 month old Cane Corso was presented to me after her new owners were devastated by a loss in the family.  I was granted the privilege of bringing her home with me and since then, she continues to inspire me more and more and I am heavily involved with her continued training and her lovely face daily.  We both seem to love to challenge each others imagination, love of dogs and ultimately the continued efforts in bringing forth the consistent awareness of spaying and neutering, the importance of vaccinations and of course, the continued misconstrued or misunderstood elements of ALL breeds. From Chihuahua to Great Dane, all dogs serve us with unconditional love and when treated right, trained right and raised responsibly, they become amazing companions and faithful ‘children’ in our lives. 

Our purpose with this blog and website is to not only bring awareness of the importance of dogs in our life, but it is also here to challenge (dog) toy makers, training tools, medical questions and first-time owners to use this to get good information and resources for themselves all over the country.  If you have any information on any of the following and wish to share it with us, please contact us directly so that we may showcase you and spread the word.  Categories are not limited to the following, so please if we missed something, we are always open to additional suggestions:


  • Animal Shelters
  • K9 non-profit rescue centers
  • Medical advances in vetrinarian medicine for dogs
  • Behavorial insight
  • Toy reviews
  • Food and toy dangers/recalls
  • Legal updates (Federal and Statewide)
  • Spay/Neuter clinic and low-cost vacination locations
  • Service Dog laws and questions
  • Pictures and movies/video’s of Handlers and their K9 companions
  • Breed information and questions

and so much more!

Please use the contact us page for guideliness and a way to contact us and we will be happy to showcase, and/or help you find more information.

This is a non profit endeavor and we kindly request that if you wish to donate to our cause, to reconsider and donate to your local shelters or rescue efforts.

Thank you!

Katana and Ma


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