New Trick Learned!

I know people feel that teaching a K9 to do something it is a “trick” however, Ma get’s so excited when I learn things that I think they mean more to her than just a “trick.”  The last few days, I have learned (pretty quickly I might add) the ability to put certain single action and combine it with another action to make an activity helpful to Ma.  The first item that has been put to good use, is learning to pick up trash, open the trash can (foot peddle action to open lid) and then placing said trash into the trash can.

I am unsure that it’s something we will use outside of the home (hence trash can’s aren’t always reachable since I am a bit of short little girl and most don’t have the foot pedal to open them), but Ma has mentioned that that next trick will be going down to the local college and be learning to target the Handicap door pads to open the door for Ma when her hands are full.

For those that don’t know, Ma is normally got her hands full when Pa, who is visually impaired, and I are on both sides, and she is either pushing a grocery cart or needs a hand free to open a door.  It’s nice when other’s recognize her plight and open the door for her, but it will so much easier if I learn the in’s and out’s of the handicap door pads that will help her in this endeavor.  We hope to find the local state college to allow us to use the few that we know exist there near the handicapped offices so that we are not in the way, but meanwhile, it would be nice to find that I can use others (theatre is one) and help Maw when she needs it too.

Until then, Ma and I continue to work on other things, such as using pedal light switch to turn off and on lights (like the one below.)



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