Is the Cane Corso the Dog for You?

I came across this article and read it several times and as an owner and trainer of one now, I found Ma nodding her head repeatedly as she continued to agree with a great deal of this article. Written back over 10 years ago by a woman in the UK, this article has hit many key points that are STILL valid in today’s CC and after being stopped by many in stores, on the street and even in restaurants about the breed of dog I am, I know Ma wishes she could have this article with her to hand out to those who say, “Oh I have always wanted one of those!” or “Never heard of them, I would love to have one.”

Take a look and research ANY dog that you wish to adopt, and remember that these dogs take constant work, reassurance, and a stern hand as Alpha to make a well-mannered dog.  Despite what some trainers say, ‘that there is no such thing as an Alpha in the domesticated dog family’ truly has never worked with a CC or other molossus descendant dogs have never realized that not only is training important but so is discipline.  These dogs do tend to take over the house when it comes to their rank if allowed, and you will either be spending a great deal of time alone (because your K9 cannot behave) or fishing more odd objects out of their belly once they have decided that the entire house is filled with chew toy objects just for their pleasure.

Read this before making a move to own a Cane Corso, Italian Mastiff:

Enjoy and remember to continue to support your local rescues, and watch for the new “Dog Blog” website coming soon to help pair you with your K9 needs!


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