Political Puppy Protocol

As we are all looking for the November 8th election date to come and go, the few of us who still looking for a reason to drop the ball and not vote because of our Handicapable  status, there is NO reason for us to use that as an excuse now.  I personally, had no intention of ‘NOT’ voting because of my young K9 assistance animal.  A great blog that I have been reading on a regular basis has continuously given me a reason to learn so much more over the last few months.  This is especially a great learning element as I continue my education in animal behavior and as a canine trainer that so I can continue to teach others and help others overcome areas that some might find horribly hard pressed to accomplish things that normal people take advantage of.

I am handicapable, however, with that said, I have not had the opportunity to vote in a big election with the guide of my beloved K9 YET… but after reading this great article from Pawsible, you bet I will be taking advantage of this and using to make my vote count.  Please, for those of you who are scared to vote with a K9 service animal by their side… don’t be!  Read this and learn that we are being taken care of by staff and our volunteers to make sure we are able to make our vote when it needs to be counted!


Click this Link Here and read more on this service and understanding that they provide to us for the purpose of voting.

Anything Pawsable, a blog written for dog handlers and owners produces articles that are critical to a healthy K9, a happy one, and last but not least a concentration on the laws and and more for Canine’s and their service provided to us by dedicated trainers and


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