Hell’s Kitchen: My Home

I have had two summers here in this desert, and truthfully no summer is any easier than the one before.  I spend most of my time being lazy in front of the fan at home, and then Ma, on occasion will take me out after she struggle to put my shoes on to protect my feet from the hot pavement.  For that, I am extremely grateful, but lately I have been growing a bit more, and my old shoes are coming off too easily and I need new ones.

Ma and I recently got to enjoy the SuperZoo at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, BUT… (and this is a word to the wise)… Their idea of parking for the handicap leaves a little bit to be desired.  Parking where you can gain access to Valet (which by unwritten rule even if Valet is full, they must take and park the Handicap identified vehicles. I always tip when I valet, but at this instance was told that the closest walk was to park in the convention center parking center.  Was a huge mistake after realizing that their “Handicap” parking was limited to the wall near the elevators and when I attempted to park, I had to park completely at the opposite end of the garage and was charge for it as well.  Mandalay Bay, please do yourself a favor and educate your Valet’s about parking for the disabled, as well as the idea that making us park at the furthest turret from the hall we wanted to go to was and IS the most devastating thing I experienced there.  It is obvious that I am disabled, and that my dog does her best to keep me moving forward and from falling over.  But walking 30 minutes uphill is hard on someone who is still on her feet, but for those that use walkers, and wheelchairs… this was miserable.  Please help us… and make things easier for us to obtain our goal of reaching our convention.

The heat has been awful so training has slowed down and will probably continue to do so. We hope to start training up again at end of this month, and in that time, Ma has a 3tour Marine in need of a K9 to help him live normally as I do with Ma.  This will be her first demo dog and hopefully she can accommodate him and get him the help he needs in the best way possible.  After all, he brought us freedom, why not give him that generosity in return?

Meanwhile, there have been more articles about how the public and local businesses have been dealing with Service Dogs.  Please read on as we share these difficult stories and help businesses understand what they can and can’t ask of us when we are accompanied with a service dog and a service dog in training… please read on!


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