Independence Day and Our Furry Family Members

I have had a few individuals approach me over the last few days about what they should do with their dogs/cats or other pets when the fireworks start flying over the 4th of July weekend.  In many cases, I am a huge advocate of natural remedies instead of tossing a few tranquilizers (read chemicals) down their pups gullet and ultimately finding out you damaged them because of the chemical or over dosed them producing a hurried rush to an ER Vet to have their stomachs pumped.

In many cases, the rule of thumb here is “common sense.”  If you absolutely insist on using drugs on your animal please, please, PLEASE make sure that your Vet has condoned the use of the drug and prescribed it just for your animal.  However, making things much easier on you and your pets, using essential oils, natural ways to comfort them make it so much easier at times.  Here are a few things that I can recommend for you that can accomplish the same results without the risk of hurting your pet.

  1. THunder jackets are new on the market, and if you don’t already have one, I have found a wonderful substitution that works very well, for all size of dogs.
  2.  If you are a essential oil user (like me) Using a small amount of Lavender and peppermint with a light base oil such as coconut oil you mix a tiny bit up and slowly massage it on to the tips of their ears, and on top of their heads near the bridge of the nose. These are calming oils that are used with infants as well (although I would not peppermint on a child or where your pet can lick it off) and place those in said areas about an hour or 2 before the fireworks start.calming vest
  3. Take your pet into a room where the family is and either turn up your radio or TV to a point where you, as a human can barely hear all the noise. The pets hearing is much more keen than ours, but this will help them tune out the scary noises to watch and listen to the music that they are used to.
  4. If you have crate trained your animal, this is probably the best time to break out the crate again placing in their favorite blanket and a few toys and then covering it with a heavy blanket to keep the pup calm in their familiar “den” where they will remain calm.
  5. 4thJulyDO NOT allow your dog or cat outside unattended… The rate of animals lost or killed during the 4th of July festivities seems high, but I assure you, it’s not a number to scare you but to make you aware that you could easily be one of them.  Please make sure you watch and tend to your pets vigilantly during this holiday weekend.

If you have any additional home remedies that have worked for you, but aren’t listed here, I would love to hear about them and them over to Ma!  We all have to learn something new every day and well, why limit the ways we can help our furry family members during high anxiety holidays and weekends!



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