Diabetes and Dogs

I came across this article, that helps people understand the amazing work that dogs do for humans with Diabetes. Most people with these dogs are Type 1, an onset that is determined prior to age 30.  I know  far too many juvenile diabetics and alway say that having a dog to help their sugar levels.  Have ‘lows’ is a horrible feeling and if not taken care of immediately, it is impossible to come out of it unscathed. It takes a lot out of a person.  I am proud to say that my last dog came to his nose extremely naturally and would not only paw me, but my husband as well indicating so much for us that we may have never had the chance to deal with in a safe manner.

Here is this amazing article:


The one thing I am constantly asked about myself and my team mate Katana, is that “How do I get a service dog…?”

I have to be honest, and tell them the truth.  Have you been diagnosed with a debilitating disease that is a struggle to maintain?  are you willing to lose your independent and have a child (albeit a furry one) that you will continue to raise, play, TRAIN (yes I say train because training these K9’s NEVER stops!) and make sure that they are constantly seen by a vet for health issues and then there is the heartbreaking decision of giving up (retiring) your K9 for a new younger version.. and knowing you may not see them again…

It is extremely hard to have a K9 and after years of 24/7 service, having to say good bye.  As a trainer myself, I adore the work, but it is also heart breaking to see pups age and slow down.



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