My First County Fair!

OMGarsh!  I had a most exciting and yet exhausting day at the County Fair!  My Uncle  O’Brian and his wife (who I adore!) had got Ma and Pop tickets to attend with them and so Ma packed up a large cooler and all my doggie type things I might need and we took a drive about an hour away yesterday early in the morning.  The morning was pleasant with some cloud cover and we arrived early as we could getting great parking places.  We got Pa a “wheelchair” that made it easier for him to get around, and the people there were SOOOO friendly.  The minute I got out of the truck, my big paw’s couldn’t get me in there fast enough to smell all the amazing scents I have never smelled before!

The first place we went we got into the “plant” and “art” building where Ma and Aunt O’Brian sat and listened to a lecture on Roses. Ma knew quite a bunch about them though and she seemed quite pleased to know that she had retained the information from her Grandpa in his love of his old rose bushes that he always had in the yard.

Then we went off to watch a dog show that was performing.  IT WAS PACKED, and even though I couldn’t see the dogs like I wanted to, Ma stood back so that she wasn’t so sure our presence there would be a distraction to the pup’s performing.  One dog, called Nubs, was a “tri-pod” dog missing one of his back legs (since birth) and wow could that dog run and jump and catch frisbee’s.  I have just recently found out how much I love frisbee’s myself so I did kind of envy their fun.  And they had a Huge Pool where they ran really fast and jumped off the platform to measure how far they had lept.  I was sure I could be competition for them, but Ma wouldn’t let me.

Then Pa wanted to go watch an “Old West” gun fight show.  Needless to say, I didn’t like the loud noises, and I was shaking pretty good.  I am not sure if it was because of all the people and smells and noise or in addition to the now 90 degree temperatures that we were feeling. Either way, Ma noticed that I was too anxious and we went for a walk a good distance from the show and decided that we would wait to go back and find our friends.

Pa got hungry and so we walked around and found his “Sausage on a Stick” that he kept asking for and when we arrived, we had gotten a fresh one made for us.  Too hot to eat, we rejoined Auntie and Uncle in the “Small Animal” building where there was a HUGE cooler in there and we sat and enjoyed our time cooling off.  I honestly think that most of the people in there thought I was on display because SO many had already started asking Ma questions about me.  The most active question was, “What kind of dog is he…?” Ma was too funny as she did her best to make sure I was a little girl and then felt as if she was a recording repeating over and over my breed. Some KNEW what I was, which made me puff up like a Rooster (which there were plenty of them there) and wag my nubby tail in excitement. Others, had to guess, and I think I heard everything from Pit Bull to Boxer (which seem to be normal) to even a mix of things. Either way, I just loved all the attention.

While we were there, a really nice couple came and with them they had a “mini-human” with them that made the funnies noises.  And then, it got really loud and mad!  Screaming and crying (I think that is what it was) but the other “Ma” figure laid the mini-human down and down closer where I could get a better closer look.  Ma and Pa seemed to get along with this couple really well and found out they had some things in common.  I hope I get to see the mini-human again as Ma and the other Ma figure exchanged information and so I am excited to maybe get to check out the human yet again!

While in the room there, there were so many different types of animals there.  There were baby piglets with their Ma, and then a goat (that is what ma called them) and her two 4 day old kidlets.  The ma would bring her nose to the fence and sniff at me, and when I tried to sniff at her, she would back away, so I wasn’t too able to get close, but they smelled like nothing I had smelled before.  There were also a few cows there, and they were very interested in me, but they were too big and knew better, so I backed off from them.  The wild turkey and her mate, the miniature horses, and the giant one, the ducks, funny looking chickens and other stuff … what an exciting day. They all had their own smells, and sounds.

After several hours in the heat, the weather turned, and it started to cool down, but we were on the road before it got too dark.  I think I slept the entire way home and when I got home, Ma and Pa were beyond tired too… they and I fell right to sleep and we have been lazy all day today too.  I have slept most of the day myself!

What an amazing day and Ma seemed to be very happy with me and fed me lots of treats today as she kept saying how proud of me she was.  I guess I did good, despite me being curious.  I hope I get to see some more of these animals again soon.  I might make a new friend !


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