A.V.I.D. Returns Hannibal!

This story starts back several years ago, when Ma’s Mother-In-Law brought home her first “small dog.”  A Yorkie that was no bigger than my hand and could probably sit on it and live on it for weeks without falling off.  She had come to Pa, her son, and asked him to help name this little feisty thing and after great thought, he blurted out: Hannibal!  And so, this little 2 lb. Yorkie got his name.

Several months later though, we said good bye to Grandma after a hard battle with terminal liver problems and he soon became quite the little pall helping Grandpa through the grief.  Even the larger dog Sheena, took to liking this little guy and found him to be a healing energy while she battled hip and some weight problems.

About a month ago someone, who was doing work on the house, left the side gate open.  That was the first time that this little guy found himself on an adventure out side his yard. This yard was big, but where little Hannibal lived had thousands of cars on a freeway or some desert hills filled with coyotes, snakes and other wild critters that would easily find this little guy as a meal. His pa put up posters, and walked around drove around for over a week, looking for his buddy.  With no luck, we began to think the worst, until about two weeks ater Hannibal’s departure, a Banning Police Dept. Officer called Grandpa.  He had Hannibal, and had had his micro-chip scanned to be sure.   Thanks to A.V.I.D pet micro chipping, Hannibal was returned after 2 weeks on the go and almost 100 miles away in a totally different county.

But the entire family thank A.V.I.D. and the Banning PD for returning my cousin home where he is safe and sound.


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