Scentsy Fundraiser for Local Mastiff Rescue

I am so excited to pass forward the news of Ma’s friend and what she is doing for my beloved friends at the Mastiff Land Retreat Non-Profit!

If no one knows about Scentsy, it is a company who enjoy’s making the house, car, office and any other place you can think of, smelling amazing! Ma uses the product faithfully and because of that, her good friend has decided to put it to good use!

With the holidays here, this is the best way to get a leg up (pun intended!) on those people who are difficult to buy for!  The neat thing about Scentsy products is that they are all animal and children safe, so just in case we get hungry in the middle of the night, you don’t have to worry about it hurting us!

So, if you use the link below to join the “Massive Mastiff Fundraiser” group in Facebook (or just watch here for updates), you can order and know that 100% of the profits are being donated MONTHLY to the Mastiff Land Retreat in Pahrump, Nevada!

Scentsy Massive Mastiff Fundraiser

As before, though, if you have sleeping bags, blankets, food, gift cards (Which are pretty valuable !), toys, treats and other puppy related items, Ma will personally take them up to deliver them to the Retreat!

Also, if there are those who are willing to donate physical time to help with repairs around the facility and yard, please contact Ma directly!

Thank you!!!!  And Happy Holidays to you all! HO Ho HO!!!!!


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