Happy Birthday To ME!!!!!

Today is my first birthday (According to my Ma) and I had such an eventful couple of weeks! I thought I might drop a few pictures of my trip and talk about it a bit. Ma is still recuperating and since today is my birthday, I figured she deserves it for putting up with me for a year!

Princess Cool Katana of the Rockies

We went to a small place Ma called home and stayed in a cute place that had rocks, and flowers and even deer crossing he lawn.  It was called the Bear Mountain Inn. Molly, and I were the only two dogs there, but we saw squirrels, and deer, and EVEN A BEAR!  But he seemed to be in a hurry to get somewhere and so we only got the backside of him.  Probably for the best though, Ma says they are a bit dangerous and grouchy, so no playing with them!

Deer in the yard. She didn’t want to play.

Then we drove way up into the mountains to a big giant volcano (not sure what those are but it sounded “ominous”), and I got to meet a dog named “Dog” at the Trappers Lodge where we had burgers and some really yummy spring water. I heard Pa rave about it, and even brought some home with us in his metal canteen!

Grandpa was with us and gave us a tour up and around the mountains and he and I eventually came to terms with sitting in the backseat together. The roads were mostly dirt and bumpy, but my Doggles truly made the trip easier on my eyes.

Here is a few pictures of that view, the colors (even though I can’t see all of them) are pretty amazing and Ma ‘oohed and awed’ throughout the whole trip stopping every few feet to get a new angle.

THEN… Just when I thought that the trip was over with, we drove OVER these huge mountains and through some pretty little towns. All of them were just so nice to me, and it was if they loved seeing the puppies in their stores… I was so thankful to see that, and the air was so clean and sharp!  But then we stayed with Aunt Shelly, who had two little k9 babies of her own.  I heard Ma reminiscing with her and how much she loved one of her puppies called “Roman.” It seems that Roman is the reason Ma has such a love of us Mastiff. He was a HUGE Neapolitan Mastiff, and her two, 2lb Chihuahuas were his best friends.  They are old and one is deaf now, so I didn’t get to play with them like I had hoped, but they did take me to this AMAZING DOG PARK!  It was called “Bear Creek Dog Park” located in the heart of Colorado Springs…

Aunt Shelly broke out her camera and decided to video tape me making a fool out of myself in the creek!  I made a few new friends and had Ma chasing me all over the place, but I had so much fun!  I can’t wait to go back!

Now that we are home, and somewhat rested, Ma says it’s my First Birthday… So I am anxious to lay here on my bed, be fed treats that my Auntie Laura brought and left for me, and get reacquainted with Gypsy (cause I missed her too!)… So Happy Birthday to MEEEE!!


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