Ethal’s Hoomans


I recently took an amazing trip with Ma back down to see my buddy Ethal, another mobility dog that is just a few days younger than I.  I have known Ethal for what seems like years (Especially for a puppy) and I always enjoy going to see her, but this time, I had a bit of a surprise.  There was a human puppy there!  His name is Bradley and he thought he was one of us crawling on the floor and barking as well. I haven’t played with any human puppies before, and found out they are not near as durable as we dogs.  He let out a few squeaks when Ethal and I got rambunctious and cried a bit, but it didn’t seem to make him afraid of us.  I even shared my bed when he decided that my crate was meant for two of us, crawling in there on his own and closing the door**.  I was willing to share, but it seems he has his own bed and he slept in it when we weren’t playing. His Ma said it was a fun time for him, and a learning time for me.  Little ones are a bit more breakable than big people like Ma and so I had to be careful, but the one benefit of the little ones… They always have something good to eat with their hands!



My friends as a canine come in all shapes and sizes, and as I learn my way in the world, it seems that even Gypsy, the resident feline has found me to be tolerable.  She fascinates me how she eats… And she seems to take pleasure in taunting me that I am unable to reach her bowl of food while I watch.  I do hope one day she shares… But not sure she wants to share my liver treats which are AO yummiest.  She seems to turn up her nose at most treats… Not sure I understand why because I LIVE for treats!

Katana and Gypsy

Katana and Gypsy, “The Nuzzle!”

In the end though, my best friend is still my faithful rubber chicken!  Which has, up and ran away on me again.  I suspect it is Pa who has hid her from me this time.  I heard him say something about my “timing” was bad while the chicken squawked while he was watching a movie.  I am sure she will return soon enough, but meanwhile, at least I can share my bed with her and have sweet, tastey dreams of her and me romping in fields of daffodiles!

Katana and her Chicken!

Katana and her Chicken!

**(NOTE from Ma: Before anyone starts in on the fact that the child is in the crate and looks ‘locked’ the door is only closed and he pulled it closed himself and at NO time was either the child or pup NOT closely supervised by a bare minimum of 3 additional adults at any given moment.
These pictures were taken to show the gentle manner in which both child and pup became quick friends and to display the affection they both found for each other)




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