Heat and Boots and Halloween?! Oh My!

OH, I think Ma has gone overboard now!  She came home and said she had something for me, I figured it might be a new antler piece to chew on, or even perhaps a pigs ear, but noooo!

She put me on my bed and put these horrible funky things on my feet and said something about the fact that they would help… Help me what?! Dance….?!

Well, I should have kept my muzzle shut because ultimately, the gifts came oncoming and when she dug out the so-called new Halloween costume, I wanted to tuck tail (what I have of one) and run…

Please tell me… Am I the only dog that endures their Ma’s and Pa’s sense of humor?  Is this cause I am the only K9 child?  Now, after all that, I am asleep in my new fashion statement boots and after running the entire yard in the hot sand, I think she had a point as to why she got these… I don’t have to like them, but they do look better than other dogs!

New Boots… and my new dance top

Side View… booties included.

My butt in wiggle motion! Guess Ma made the right choice at least!

Floor work. My favorite dance move.

The END!


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