Friends at the Dog Park!

I always get so excited when Ma takes me early in the morning to the dog park. I have made so many new friends there, including a Dogue de Bordeaux named Niko, a sleek looking Doberman named Xena and a new friend of mine who loves tug-of-war as much as I do name Zara, the golden lab.  Ma seems to find our antics pretty funny as we find the smallest things to play with and this time it was a poor tennis-ball that both of us locked on… Making us look like we had kissing disease or something. Needless to say, be both weren’t going to let go!  We just drooled and drooled and drooled!  Hope your furry friends to find others to play with too!

There is one thing about the dog park that I noticed Ma is always very careful about. I rarely get away with anything and she is always on her toes to be sure that I behave. It is important that not only do you watch your dogs while at the park and make sure that they behave, but making sure that the ‘other’ dogs are not aggressive or otherwise packing up to pick on others. Make sure to keep your leash handy, pepper spray should a dog fight break up and ultimately split the animals up.  Dog fights can get ugly, but it is the responsibility of the owners to communicate, to discuss if it is severe enough to exchange information and make sure should you need vetrinarian care to report their animal to animal control and let them ‘sort through’ the information.  There have been too many owners in the area that abandon their dogs in the park, and sit in their trucks/cars or don’t pick up after their animals. This is behavior is intolerable for a Hooman Adult, let alone the idea that they have no control over their dogs.  There have been several reports of owners allowing aggressive dogs to rip open and otherwise badly injure other dogs and leaving the site with their animal.  If you are a canine lover, and a responsible owner, please help those that might be involved by getting descriptions, license plates and any other information you can to report the owner, and the canine. As much as I hate seeing animals euthanized for behavior that shouldn’t have happened to begin with, I truly do not want to see other brethren or hooman’s to be hurt in the process.  Please be a RESPONSIBLE OWNER!

Enjoy the playful video:


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