Visit to the Vet’s!

Well, after doing some reading on the canine influenza virus that seems to be sweeping in from the Midwest, Ma thought I needed another shot…. So early this morning I was loaded up and taken down to the (wonders if I should say it…) the V…E…T…S…. (Yeah, still makes me shudder a bit) where I learned more about the strain that is invading the pups of the continent.

The vaccine that is being given now is the vaccine, like the hooman flu shot, that was used to attack a flu that swept through the country about 4-5 years ago and is not actually very effective for us pooches on this new strain that is doing some horrible damage.  It has been very difficult for them to keep up with things, but the… (Gulps)..  V.E.T… Says that the odds of me getting sick are lowered a bit.  So just know that when you are getting the vaccine for your pup, know that it is not 100% foolproof and your own pet doctor (sounds so much better) should be giving you information and up to date information on what vaccine they are giving your pup.

Meanwhile, I got to see the most AMAZING Malamute!  This special malamute was a Disney Dog in both 8 below and in Snow dogs  and is now at the ripe old age of 12 years old.  His handler, like my Ma, sure knew a lot about his fur-baby and when Maw saw him, she fell in love.  It seems that this dog is double amazing because he has a genetic disorder that is very submissive and rarely shows itself, but this Malamute which NORMALLY should weigh in at about 80 pounds, is actually weighing in at over 150 pounds!  A genetic element of “gigantism” hit him at about age 3 and when they started to see that he didn’t fit under the coffee table anymore and was growing AGAIN, they had taken him in and had him tested.

This old guy’s patience was so amazing and he even tolerated me prancing around him and ‘boxing’ with him lightly.  The Handler’s name was from Colorado and that gave him and Ma some great stuff to talk about.  Kind of wish Ma had had her camera with her so you could have seen the size of this guy.  His paws alone were double the size of one of Ma’s fists, and his thick legs, about as thick as her calves…. I felt TINY!

I do hope that I get to bump into him again, though when I weigh in again. Today I hit the 75 pound mark and *chuckles* people are still thinking I am ‘huge’…. I am not so sure I agree with that, but, imagine that those that own the snac….er… Chiwa-wa’s that weigh in under 2 pounds would think that I am ‘large and in charge’…. but when in reality, we are just big softies and that was so seen in my new friend, “Zatura” the Giant Malamute.

It’s getting warm here in our area so please, just a VERY friendly reminder, don’t leave us in car’s not matter for how long, nor walk us across hot cement in the heat of the day. If you must leave us, leave us inside if you can and if not, make sure we have plenty of shade, and water supply to keep us cool.  Too many of my furr BFF’s die every year from neglect and heat and this could be prevented. Treat your pup’s like you would treat your children, or an elderly parent, and if you can’t do either… I suggest you find them a new home that will take care of them.


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