It hasn’t quite reached my area yet, but just in case, I think I will forgve Ma for not taking me to the doggy park any time soon. It seems there is a flu bug that is coming around and can be highly contagious for us pups…

There is ANOTHER shot that Ma can get me, so going to check into it see if I can get it and be safe..

To read more about it see this from the Animal Rescue site.

And in doing more reading over Ma’s shoulder we also found this amazing article and website called “Dogs Naturally”  a magazine dedicated to the health and news regarding my K9 cousins.

Right now they have a nice discount for their magazine at 45%, but their article is VERY interesting and gives a huge insight to the vaccine’s, sickness of the H3N2 Flu epidemic and how to help identify, keep your other pets healthy as well as ways to help your pet stay healthy.

See this article here.


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