I never experienced the horror that this little dog Lilly ever did, nor her pups, nor the others of hundreds of other dogs who find their living conditions in such a sorry state.  As a dog, I am thankful that my Ma has never supported, nor will she ever condone the those that are so-called breeders or hoarders who place dogs in chains. Please do your research, and make sure you know where your dogs come from. QUIT BUYING DOGS FROM SO-CALLED PUPPY STORES and report the conditions to the correct officials.  I have heard Ma speak of several, including a woman who lit her own ‘puppy store’ with many pups still in their crates and cages to collect “insurance money.” I don’t know what this money is, but it sure seems to be the love of most people… my question to them is, “Does money love them back?  Does it last and love conditionally?”

Please watch this video below, and see just exactly what puppy mills and those who support them do to my fellow K9’s”


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