Puppy Love!! ~ Eleven New Things I’ve Learned About Puppies

Being Margaret had popped her head in and saw our post about the lovely little Kaly who is being returned home to Canada by a beautiful young Hooman female that fell in love with her and has had an overwhelming support of those that the story touched. We poked our heads into her blog and saw her new lovely Fur-baby, a Puggle named Duncan (Good Irish name by the way but my red-headed momma is a bit biased)… We wish you and Duncan all the best in the new home and hope it is as fun as we have found our lives of activity and love!

Being Margaret


My routine has changed.  My once typical morning of coffee, working out and writing has recently morphed into a whirlwind of chaos and fly by the seat of your pants activities, chores and running around chasing a tail.  Literally, because I’ve got a new Puppy!!

Duncan, my lovable new sidekick, has permanently joined our family and there’s suddenly not a single shred of “routine or calm” in my day-to-day life.   And, I could not be happier or more in love with this adorable, blonde, big brown-eyed Puggle weighing in at eleven lbs and standing one foot tall.  Who doesn’t love a puppy?

I simply can’t.get.enough of him!  My cup runneth over!!  My heart is about to burst!!  Hooray!!!  I’m in puppy love!!!

Ohh, the big decision to adopt him was not something I arrived at lightly.  It’s something I’d been thinking about for a long time.  Something that…

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