Snip Snip Day…

Today started quite exciting as Ma hooked me up to my leash, but ultimately found out that this was not what I had hoped it would be. She left me at the place called the “Vets” where I had needles stuck in me and then woke up all groggy.  My belly feels pretty numb right now, and then they put my head in this giant white thing… Ma finally got me from the Vet’s and brought me home, but I am not moving very far…. This collar makes it hard to navigate that is for sure…

At least Gypsy cares… She got close enough to me to sniff to see what was wrong, but then Ma’ laid down with me for awhile and her eyes showed great concern…. Vet’s say I weigh a whole 65 lbs now… WOW, just a month ago I weighed in at just over 45… I think Ma loves me…

The Moral of the Story: Please spay and neuter your pets to prevent pet overpopulation.
It’s a few days of discomfort, but it’s a lifetime for them of health and a quality of life for those that are already needing fur-ever homes.


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