Bring Kaly Home to Canada (from India!)

Recently Ma ran across this amazing story that not only caught her eye because a hooman was doing so much for a fur-baby like me, but it also caught her eye cause of the pretty hooman’s designs on her hand… but I will get to that later.

This puppy was so sick when Jade, her new momma, found her in the pouring rain in the middle of India, and immediately fell in love with her.  Now, she is making a HUGE effort to bring this little pup home to her to Canada and to do so, not only does she have to clear medical exam’s but also she has to pay for all her boarding and tickets to come home.

I highly recommend that you do what you can to forward this story about the hoomin and her new fur-baby and tell me that just a 5 dollar donation won’t help them be re-united soon!  And even better, her momma has offered to donate whatever money is left over, is donated to the rescue shelter in India that has helped her in her efforts.

See her go fund me page at:

Even has boosted her exposure to the world and you can see her story here:

Here is a sweet video of my sista from anotha motha… all the way in Goa India!


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