Sadness for Humans

I have to say that I have learned that humans lose their way and become “strays” as much as my furry brothers and sisters do. MA and PA dropped everything they were doing and drove back to the  familiar area in California where I met a new friend and their pack. Some welcomed me, and some others not  so much…but the part that got my attention was PA trying to help  his brother through  a tough time. It  seems that addiction, no matter what they are addicted to, makes humans lose their families and friends. Why are humans  so self destructive? US pups are all about survival and the humans that ha w families don’t see the damage they do. They willingly push their families away  or abandon them. They lie a lot too. Even I as a puppy saw  the pain  this caused those around them. This wasn’t a full  trip like before and I am sad for the family and  my MA and pa. They may never see this friend alive again and that is sad for me and the rest of the family  it affected. I hope to return home soon  and in better spirits.


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