Niko the Bird Brained

Niko: The Bird Brained

Here is a family member that I have not exactly come to terms with yet. In face, my nose still twitches when I see this feathered thing near me. I made the mistake of getting my nose far too close to him/her… IT… And well it took advantage of that and me about looking like Ma with an extra hole in her nose.

Niko is a Lilac Crown Amazon parrot. One who has a constant need for attention and ultimately, find even me covering my ears when it start’s it’s screaming match with Pa and Ma. It seems that Niko does bother Pa with his high pitched screaming fits, and Ma does her best to divide her time. I do have to say that Ma does love us kids, but one day Pa may have had “enough”.

But for now, Niko has a new playpen near the window and my crate and I keep my nose away from it and Ma tries to give him the love he needs. I did overhear that Niko will be visiting the vet again soon *chuckles*… I don’t envy him/her….(not quite sure if bird brain is male or female.)

Niko does know a few words and holds a conversation with Ma on occasion that consist of calling out her name, saying “what?” and then laughing at her when he get’s an answer.  I get a hello every once in awhile, but I know it’s just a ploy to get me close enough to bite my nose again.


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