Gypsy Rose: Queen of … Everything!

I don’t get a chance to talk much about my house mates. My Ma tends to have a love of all animals, including things that slither and have more than four legs.  I thought I might introduce you to them one at a time, and give a little bit of history about each one, including those that have crossed the rainbow bridge and paved the way of the happy home that I currently have right now.

Gypsy Rose and her disapproval of Ma packing for a trip

Gypsy, although not the first feline of the house, is the first feline that seems to have “claimed” Pa’s lap and his love for her own.  I understand that she came to the home shortly after my big brother Sampson left them. Ma and Pa felt the house had lost a great life just a matter of days before and they wanted to find comfort and give comfort to those less fortunate to be in a forever home, so they looked up their local NSPCA shelter and there, on the front page, was a face of a beautiful black cat whose eyes were washed out from the flash of the camera and had turned gray. She caught Ma’s eye, and she mentioned what a “beautiful face” she had.  Pushing the comment aside, both Ma and Pa packed up and took the short drive to the shelter where Ma got very excited about sitting in with the kitties (she was not ready to visit the puppies yet knowing how fragile she was emotionally and still very much grieving the loss of Sam).

Popping into one of the 4 kitty rooms, she helped Pa sit down and allowed him to interact with those wanting to meet him. She took her normal beeline to the long haired kitties that sunned themselves in the windows and took some time with them knowing that Pa had problems with the long-hair but gave them love anyway. She turned only to see a small, short-tailed black cat, sneaking up quietly and patiently behind Pa and she pointed it out to him. “Pa, you have a sweet one trying to get your attention..” she said to him, giving Pa direction of where to find her (Pa, is visually impaired and therefore was reaching about randomly to feel ‘fur’ under hand.)

Pa lifted his hand and she immediately crawled into his lap, spreading herself out and remaining there the entire time while Ma continued to hit the other kitty rooms seeing everyone.  Speaking

Pa’s Lap, Gypsy’s throne

with the volunteers there, she found out that this one… Was the one that had caught her eye on the website… Just like Sampson had over 7 years ago… Pa, decided that Gypsy had claimed him after batting away at the other cat’s attempting to get his attention, and that he had fallen in love.  After four years in the shelter, this beautiful black kitty with the short thin tail, but huge personality came home with them. She is extremely loving, and rarely allows activities to be unsupervised for any amount of time, including Ma’s attempt to pack and go on her short vacation recently.

Personally, I don’t think she cares for me much. She runs and makes this hissing noise when I come near her, but I hope she will love me as much as I love her. She is part of the family and well loved and I will be sure she is as protected as the rest of them.  Next time, I will give some insight on “Niko” this feathered thing that has already bitten my nose and made it VERY clear he doesn’t want me around….. Pa finds him loud and obnoxious… He isn’t the only one. But Ma loves him as much as she loves everyone else…

Until next time…



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