Death Valley Trip

A few days ago, Ma and Paw decided to take a very long road trip with me.  They woke me early in the morning and took me to the vet where he gave me a clean bill of health and stuck me with a needle.   I did hear him state that Ma needed to feed me a bit more because I was a bit too slim.  That was the best news of the day cause NOW I get TWO meals a day!  In a month’s time, I only put on 3 pounds so it seems that my active running all the time is keeping me all skinny.  I am pretty happy with that!

Katana and Death Valley

Bear (dad) and Katana in the painted desert of Death Valley (can see Ma in the reflection of the truck).

The trip was a long drive, but Ma took a lot of pictures and I heard her exclaim how pretty it was. I just saw a ton of rocks and very few trees if any, that looked like a place to take a “puppy break” below.  I can assure you though, by the time I got home, I felt like my belly was going to explode I had to go so bad!

We then went to a place further out called “Stovepipe” and there we saw the biggest and most annoying birds ever!  Caawwww Caawwww was all they said over and over again. Maw seemed pretty interested in them and truthfully, they just looked like great playmates!  I also saw another do there that work a saddle bag type thing over her back and walked all perfect with her owner.  Ma said that I was going to be just like that some day.  That big adult dog looked happy with its owner, so, I think I can do that too.

I did hear Ma on that gadget she calls a “fone” with someone regarding “Training.” My name was mentioned and it sounded like I am supposed to have trained very soon. Probably not this week, but week after from what it sounded like.  Not sure what this “training” is, but I hope it’s fun and I get a lot of treats!

For now, I will let Ma share a slideshow of our trip.


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