Dogs 101: Mastiff Breeds

My Ma and I had a chance to sit down and watch a great show on the Animal Planet channel which I love.  I enjoy watching with her and truly love seeing some of the videos of some of my cousins in the Molosser dog group.  The Molasser groups include all the Mastiffs from Neopolitans my cousin breed, to the St Bernard as well as the Newfoundland.

Molasser, according to Wikipedia, is named of this type of breed that is deprived from the word “Molassia” an area in the Greek in which the Mollasus was used as a working herding dog. This dog breed is known for their heavy bone structure, pendant ears and short muzzle with a very muscular back and hind legs that give them a great deal of power in times of protecting herds and family from large predators.

Unfortunately, after doing some hunting, Dogs 101 hasn’t done a special on Cane Corso’s but here is the few videos that I have found on 3 of the Mastiff Breeds: Dogo Argentino, Tibetan, and Bull Mastiff.  I hope they continue to do a few more, including the Dogue De Bordeaux, the Neopoltian, the English Mastiff, Presa Canario and of course Cane Corso.

Enjoy the videos as they are very educating and give you a great deal of information on these Gentle Giants.


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