Pilots for Paws

Not many are aware of the lengths in which some of us k9 lovers (read animal) will do for our furry kids, and even our beloved foster children, but as a child of a Pilot and a girl who flew much of my childhood with a dog, I have to appreciate all that these guys do for those dogs (and cats).

Pilots N Paws Pet Rescue is a nonprofit 501 c3 organization which pilots from all over the country side fly their furry co-pilots to their furr-ever home. They are always looking for additional Pilots who will volunteer their time, their planes and their wallet for expenses to get rescued K9’s to new families and healthier environments for dogs in need.  They even transport dogs that have been misplaced or lost during Mother Nature’s unexpected temper tantrums like Hurricane Katrina.

Their website is set up so not only Pilots can volunteer, but for others who wish to hopefully use their services.  If you visit their home page it is very to navigate and even read many stories about success’s and new furr-ever homes for some of the canines that have been flown home from their services.

I also picked up this banner for businesses interested in advertising to help sponsor their endeavors and exposing your business as well.  Click the banner below and see the information in link on how to obtain your banner space and support a great cause.


If I was able to fly today and my grandfather and I had a purpose together, I am sure he would have supported this. He was a great animal lover and held only a few K9’s very special in his heart.  He even flew with his “Old Yeller” for years back and forth to his work in LA, as well to Colorado and beyond.  Those are special times, and dog’s seem to truly enjoy the flight more than you realize.  Please make sure that before flying though, that you check with your vetrinarian and make sure your pup is healthy enough to fly.

Good job Pilots N Paws!  Keep up the good work for the love our dogs.


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